Optical Chronicle III

Stephen Cornelius Roberts, Painting of D. W., oil over alkyd over acrylic on linen, 1999
Stephen C. Roberts
Painting of D. W.
oil over alkyd over acrylic on linen, 1999
Museum Purchase made possible by Margaret & Charles Hermes, Kelly & Virginia Holthus, Mr. & Mrs. Warren Lammers, Mr. & Mrs. Wayne McKinney, Mr. & Mrs. William Otis, First National Bank of Valentine, Dr. & Mrs. Basil Stevenson, Mr. & Mrs. Ray Van Norman, Emma Jane Wilder, Mr. & Mrs. Dewayne Wolf

April 17– 28, 2019
Author Henry M. Sayre in his book A World of Art discusses the various roles of the artist in society. He identifies four roles; the third is how artists make a visual record of the people, places, and events of their time and place. These identified roles provide the viewers with a touchstone through which they can then begin to interpret the work. This exhibition is the third in a series of four exhibitions, each dedicated to one of Sayre’s four guiding principles.

2018 Optical Chronicle III Exhibition List