Javier Fox: Kindred 2019


Artist Statement
I grew up in Colombia, South America surrounded by an abundance of nature. The diverse habitat of my childhood provided the foundation for my appreciation of the offerings of the earth. I bring nature into my work through lines, texture, shape and color. Through my hands I rediscover the wonders of the world while nourishing the curiosity of my youth.
As a citizen, I am concerned about what is lost when we remove the natural world from our lives and value a sanitized way of life that is mainly concerned with convenience. My research investigates cultures of the Americas, such as Native American, that for centuries lived in close-knit communities with deeply held core values concerning harmony, and balance with the natural world. My research intends to compel the viewer to think about what these cultures might teach us about the way we distribute and use natural resources. One of the ways in which my work operates is to highlight the importance of the processes of natural restoration. In the few remaining environments where there is no human intervention, nature restores itself; however, in most places, that regenerative process is interrupted by humans whose actions place responsibility for stewardship on someone or something else. My hope is to make work that contributes to a deeper appreciation and awareness of the consequence of our culture.

Javier Fox, Wings of Freedom, Ceramic, glaze, stain, 2018Javier Fox
Wings of Freedom

Ceramic, glaze, stain

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