Cut, Formed, Folded, Pressed: Paper

Karen Kunc, Incessant White Noise,  print & mixed media, 2013
Karen Kunc, Incessant White Noise, woodcut and letterpress on Japanese Nishinouchi, irregular accordion folding into folio of covered boards with etching and mixed media decorative papers, edition of 10 deluxe; 2013, Collection of the Artist

October 11, 2014 –
East Gallery closing March 29, 2015
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At its simplest, paper is an ordinary, everyday item that is a part of most of our lives. Yet when it is found in the hands of an artist and is purposefully
manipulated in some fashion, it can become a complex, three-dimensional artwork that speaks of form, function, our culture, our land, and our lives. Printmakers, book artists, sculptors, and painters delve into cutting, forming, folding, or pressing paper to create small to monumental works of art.