Concealed, Revealed: Portraits from the MONA Collection

J. Laurie Wallace, Portrait of a Woman, oil, n.d.
J. Laurie Wallace
Portrait of a Woman
oil, n.d.
Gift of Kearney State College, Museum of Nebraska Art Permanent Collection

Portraiture has the power to immortalize a person, capturing their likeness at a specific time and place. The pose, expression, clothing, and setting are all elements that can reveal details about the sitter, and depending on the artwork, sometimes about the artist as well. Other times, there is meaning in the information that is withheld, such as the sitter’s name or identity.

Each of the eleven portraits in this exhibition provides a glimpse into the life and personality of the sitter. When the subject of the portrait is the artist themselves, in the case of self-portraits, or someone with which the artist has a relationship with, like a family member or friend, a sense of knowing and familiarity with the artist may arise, allowing for a richer reading and appreciation of the artwork.

This ARTreach exhibition is currently on view through March 29, 2024
Methodist Hospital, Omaha, Nebraska