A River Runs Through It

Terry Evans, Platte River 1, April 1990, archival digital print from scanned negative, Collection of the Artist
Terry Evans
Platte River 1, April 1990
archival digital print from scanned negative, 1990
Collection of the Artist

February 26 – August 4, 2019
In Paul A. Johnsgard’s book, Crane Music: A Natural History of American Cranes, the author writes, “There is a river in the heart of North America that annually gathers together the watery largess of melting Rocky Mountain snowfields and glaciers and spills wildly down the eastern slopes of Colorado and Wyoming. Reaching the plains, it quickly loses its momentum and begins to spread out and flow slowly across Nebraska from west to east. As it does so, it cuts a sinuous tracery through the native prairies that has been followed by millennia by both men and animals. The river is the Platte.” This exhibition explores the artwork inspired by the Platte River – from the sounds and sights of the land, flora, and fauna that surround, inhabit, and visit it to the sky that stretches far above. Works included are by such artists as Leoda Davis, Terry Evans, Michael Forsberg, Paul Johnsgard, Karen Kunc, Tom Mangelsen, Joel Sartore, Wendy Weiss & Jay Kreimer, Worthington Whittredge, among others.

Exhibition Sponsored by: Steve & Jennifer Homan and Ben & Sara Homan

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