Susan Brasch

1950, Minneapolis, Minnesota –

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Susan Brasch was born in 1950 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. She received a B.F.A. degree from the University of Nebraska in Lincoln in 1972. After working in academia and corporate marketing, Brasch chose to become a full-time studio artist in 1982, primarily as a painter.

Over the years she has explored many different ways of expressing herself, from highly realistic landscapes and still-life studies to a series of aerial landscapes.

Often after completing a realistic series, she explores the abstract side of color, texture, and movement. Whether the subject matter is realistic, expressionistic, or abstract, Brasch starts with a metaphor that she works out through the composition and the media. She considers herself a symbolic artist and continues to learn through experience and experimentation.


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Susan Brasch, Balance Understood, acrylic on canvas, 1991