Solon Hannibal Borglum: MONA collection artwork

1868, Ogden, Utah (territory) – 1922, Stamford, Connecticut

Solon Hannibal Borglum, Burial on the Plains, marble, 1899Solon Hannibal Borglum
Burial on the Plains

16 × 8 × 13″
Museum Purchase made possible by Julie Morsman Schroeder
Accession No: 2012.29
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Solon H. Borglum, Creekside Scene, oil on canvas, 1895
Solon Hannibal Borglum
Creekside Scene

oil on canvas
10¼ × 13¼”
Museum Purchase made possible by Gary E. Zaruba Art Endowment
Accession No: 2019.17.01
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