Postmaster Interactive Gallery

October 14, 2008

The purpose of the Postmaster Interactive Gallery is to engage and educate visitors about artwork at MONA by offering a variety of resources and activities that appeal to all ages. A new feature at the Museum of Nebraska Art, the space used as the postmaster’s office during the seven decades the building was Kearney’s Post Office is being turned into an inviting place for the public, adjacent to the galleries where the permanent collection is on view.

Components of this gallery include electronic gallery presentations and online access to collection artists, books and publications, hands-on activities for visitors, and a space to relax, read, and reflect. A rotating display of artworks along with related archival materials offers information, reflective writing, and creative exploration exercises to engage in.

Included are a seating area for visitors, a group of 20 to 40 books that pertain to works in MONA’s collection or on display, a touch-screen monitor that features information on the artists in collection, another touch-screen monitor that helps visitors discover more about the works on view in the permanent collection galleries, and a kid’s area that includes a small, low-to-the-ground table where kids can sit and engage with activities. A timeline is installed as a frieze along the upper walls of the Gallery and a selection of artwork around a theme, changed quarterly, complete the installation.