Postmaster Interactive Gallery

January 16 – January 10, 2011 —

The function of the Postmaster Interactive Gallery is to engage and educate visitors about artwork at the Museum of Nebraska Art (MONA) by offering a variety of resources and activities that appeal to all ages. A new feature at MONA, the space used as the postmaster’s office during the seven decades the building was Kearney’s Post Office is now finding a new role – an inviting place for the public to relax, read, reflect, and interact.

Components include electronic gallery presentations and online access to collection artists, books and publications, hands-on activities for visitors, and a kid’s area where they can sit and engage with activities. A rotating display of artworks along with related archival materials offers information, reflective writing, and creative exploration exercises to enjoy.

With the seasons as a theme, the 2009 quarterly artwork selections feature a variety of artists from MONA’s collection. The Winter rotation included works by Robert Gilder and Hal Holoun while Lamont Richards and Elizabeth Threlkeld were among the artists featured in Spring. The Summer selection showcased works by Linda Benton, Lawton Parker, and Carol Petit. The seasons theme ended with images of Fall by Alice Cumbow, Elizabeth Dolan, Aaron Pyle, and Donald Ruf.