Nadine McHenry: MONA collection artwork

1948, Lincoln, Nebraska –

Biographical sketch of artist Nadine McHenry

Nadine McHenry, Pesky Flies, oil on canvas, 2000Nadine McHenry
Pesky Flies

oil on canvas
33½ × 38¼”
Gift of Artist in memory of her parents,
Edna Barber Fischer & William John Fischer
Accession No: 2001.25
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Nadine McHenry, Meadowlark, oil on canvas, 2002Nadine McHenry

oil on canvas
Permanent Loan from Meadowlark Music Festival – 2002
Accession No: L 2002.03
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2009-26-900Nadine McHenry
Hillside in the Sandhills

oil on canvas
53¾ × 72″
Gift of the Artist
Accession No: 2009.26
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