Keith Lowry

1935, Abilene, Kansas – 2020, Kearney, Nebraska

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Keith Lowry, born in Abilene, Kansas in 1935, began painting during his senior year of high school. Concentrating primarily on landscapes throughout his career, he has also explored pop art, abstract expressionism, and photorealism. He earned his degrees – B.S. in 1957 and M.S. in 1959 – from Fort Hays State University in Hays, Kansas, and his M.F.A. from Wichita State University (Kansas) in 1970. He was an art instructor at Roosevelt Junior High School in Great Bend, Kansas from 1957 until 1962 before joining the Art Department faculty at Kearney State College, now the University of Nebraska Kearney. Lowry retired in 1999 after nearly 40 years with the University.

Lowry’s paintings mainly feature the Midwestern landscape. The artist has said that he is interested in the concepts of space in landscape and how a clump of trees or a distant bluff can seem intensified by the flat, empty plains that surround them. Working in the realism style, he applies the paint in a loose way to give a realistic scene a dreamlike and hazy feel. He paints mostly from memory and also creates alluring landscapes from his imagination. More recently, he is again exploring abstraction in his paintings.

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Keith Lowry, Untitled, acrylic on masonite, n.d.