Elmer Holzrichter

1924, Burrton, Kansas – 2016, Kearney, Nebraska

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Elmer Holzrichter was born in Harvey County, Kansas, on December 18, 1924, into a family who were “artistic in nature.” A teacher from his country school motivated Holzrichter to pursue art seriously when she told him, “Oh Elmer, you must become an artist!” With his B.F.A. and Master degrees earned from Wichita State, Holzrichter taught art in at junior and senior high schools before accepting an offer from Kearney State College, where he taught for 25 years.

Holzrichter’s artwork encompasses all facets of mediums. Throughout the the years, Holzrichter has created both two and three-dimensional art. At the present moment, Holzrghter creates pieces of work by recycling everyday objects. Because of the media, the pieces tend to be geometric and design oriented. In Holzrichter’s works, “Your media sets limits for what you can do.” Holzrichter’s philosophy is simple. His artwork is an intuitive creation and a celebration of his life.

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Elmer Holzrichter, Mystery Planet, collage, n.d.