Behind the Scenes

May 10 – June 26, 2011 —

Taylor Cody, Stephanie Shields, Kyleigh Skaggs

Organized by the Junior Curator Class and facilitated by the Museum of Nebraska Art, Behind the Scenes is an exhibition based on popular literature genres intended to explore the story behind the art. The artworks selected represent the different aspects of the literary story and encourage viewers to delve deeper into their own imaginations. On view are various pieces that embody the genres of drama, tragedy, adventure, mystery, comedy, and fantasy. The story revealed by the artist is often as intriguing as the piece itself. The story always varies: from the artist’s personal life, to the subject matter, or to the mood of the piece; There is always much more than meets the eye.

Among the artists featured in the exhibition is world renowned Kent Bellows. Unlike his photo-realism work, Vendetta explores the fantasy genre with incredible battles between alien civilizations. The viewer sees another side to Bellows. Three other artists included are Terence Duren, Grant Reynard, and Myra Biggerstaff. Duren is known for his oil paintings of fantastic scenes from faraway places. Frequently painting for set designs, his work transports you into the heart of a play. Originally from Grand Island, Grant Reynard’s entire studio was purchased by the Museum. From hundreds of pieces, his pastels stand out with his unique lighting style. Prominent woman artist, Myra Biggerstaff, creates visually interesting pieces that captivate the eye.

The exhibition debuts the first Junior Curator Class – a collaboration between MONA and Kearney High School. The students learn firsthand how to curate a show including choosing artwork, researching the artists, installing the works, preparing educational materials, and handling publicity. The program provides a unique perspective from the younger generation.