Angel De Cora (Hinųk Mą̄xiwi Kerenąka): MONA collection artwork

1868, Dakota County (now Thurston County), Nebraska – 1919, Northampton, Massachusetts

Angel De Cora (Hinųk Mą̄xiwi Kerenąka), Josephine Sampson Greyhair, oil on canvas, c. 1898-1910Angel De Cora (Hinųk Mą̄xiwi Kerenąka)
Josephine Sampson Greyhair

oil on canvas
c. 1904
16 × 14″
Museum Purchase made possible by Jim & Joyce Holtmeier, Julie Morsman Schroeder Foundation, Carl & Karen Brasee, Anne Thorne Weaver
Conservation made possibly by Maria J. Scott, and Julie Morsman Schroeder Foundation
Accession No: 2016.39.01
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