John James Audubon

1785, Les Cayes Haiti – 1851, New York, New York View artwork The Legacy of John James Audubon John James Audubon. The name brings to mind the majestic beauty and grace of a vast collective of wildlife portraiture. However, it is crucial to remember Audubon’s detailed scientific observations as well, for his work in that capacity Read More

David Amland

1931, Iowa City, Iowa, – 2010 Dallas, Texas View artwork David Amland, artist, teacher, amateur historian, and naturalist, was born in Iowa City, Iowa in 1931. He grew up in St. Paul, Minnesota, and served in the Navy from 1951 to 1955. He received his undergraduate degree from Augustana College in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, Read More

Anna Fay Albin

1880, Berea, Kentucky – 1954, Lincoln, Nebraska (Anna Fay Hanson) View artwork Anna Albin applied special creativity to handloom weaving in a way that led people to regard weaving as a fine art. A major factor in this revised view was her energetic participation in exhibitions such as with the Omaha Society of Fine Arts Read More

Kathleen Parks Adkison

1917, Beatrice, Nebraska – 2010, Spokane, Washington (Kathleen A. Gemberling) (Kathleen A. Van Dewerker) (Kathleen A. Parks) (Kathleen Parks Gemberling Adkison) (Kathleen A. Gemberling Adkison) View artwork An abstract expressionist painter described as the first woman artist to drip and pour paint onto floor-laid canvas, Kathleen Adkison “abandoned easels and traditional brushwork, and in the Read More

Paul Adkinson

1934, Imperial, Nebraska – View Artwork Born in Imperial, Nebraska, Paul Adkinson is a self-taught artist who learned to paint by reading books, experimenting, and taking workshops taught by nationally recognized artists. Adkinson’s work has been displayed at the American Art Association Regional Invitational Exhibit in Denver, Colorado, and in Nebraska at the Governor’s Mansion Read More

Gary E. Zaruba

1940, Belgrade, Nebraska – 2014, Kearney, Nebraska View artwork Gary Zaruba – a man of many talents who taught art for nearly 40 years at Kearney State College, now University of Nebraska at Kearney (UNK) – was an art educator, an artist, a carpenter, a collector, a scholar, an entrepreneur, and a volunteer. He was Read More

Gary E. Zaruba : MONA collection artwork

1940, Belgrade, Nebraska – 2014, Kearney, Nebraska Biographical sketch of artist Gary E. Zaruba Gary E. Zaruba Autumn Reflections acrylic 1990 Gift of Virginia Parish Accession No: 1991.39 (click image for full view) Gary E. Zaruba Untitled (street scene) oil on canvas 1962 35 × 34½” Gift of the Artist’s Family Accession No: 2015.19.04 (click Read More

Every Picture Tells a Story: People

Every Picture Tells a Story: People

January 22 – May 22, 2016 Narrative art through images evokes the power of the imagination, providing limitless opportunities for sensory, emotional, and personal interpretation so viewers may discover their own unique story. For the annual series of exhibitions in the Postmaster Gallery, 2016 features Every Picture Tells a Story with three subjects in turn Read More

MONA’s Recent Acquisitions

MONA’s Recent Acquisitions

December 15, 2015 – February 28, 2016 — Over the last two and a half years, MONA has added almost 200 new artworks to its permanent collection. This large and diverse group includes paintings, sculpture, photography, prints, as well as other various media, ranging from representational to non-representational, created over the span of 150 years. Read More