Selections from the Collection: Early 20th Century Artists

Dwight Kirsch, Sunflowers, silkscreen (edition 44), n.d.
Dwight Kirsch
Sunflowers, silkscreen (edition 44)
Gift of Chris Crossgrove

In America, at the beginning of the 20th century, a new generation of artists were coming of age who were interested in creating a style that reflected city life and an American population that was becoming more urban. As such, artists began to portray the American landscape and the life of ordinary people in expressive and abstract manners.

This exhibition highlights two distinct ways that artists in the 20th century depicted modernism and the excitement of progress – realism and abstraction. Inspired by the rapid modernization occurring in city life, artists explored nontraditional ways of representing reality. Color, texture, and the overall mood depicted in the artwork embraced a heightened sense of emotion and symbolism.