Author: Sam Hayes

Mallory Wetherell: Kindred 2019

Faculty Artist Statement Throughout history, women have served as artistic muses, their bodies put on display for purposes of both glorification and sexualization. From the fertility statuette Venus of Willendorf dating back to 28,000 B.C., to Botticelli’s The Birth of Venus (1485 A.D.) to Irving Penn’s Nude No. 1 (1947 A. D.) to the covers Read More

Mark Hartman: Kindred 2019

Faculty Artist Statement My creative process is one of striving and searching. In part, it’s a challenge like climbing a mountain but not, necessarily, to reach the summit. I’m not even certain of what an artistic “summit” would look like. Perhaps it’s to complete something that is complete; to create a work that’s alluring without Read More

Matt Ziemke: Kindred 2019

Faculty Artist Statement These panels are simple explorations of material interaction. Intuitive works such as these are crucial supplements to my broader creative research. Be it 2 or 3 dimensional, my work is metaphorical. It echoes a duality that I acknowledge in myself and observe in the world around me. Abstracted visual fragments of my Read More

Doug Waterfield: Kindred 2019

Faculty Artist Statement Doug Waterfield is a Professor of Art at the University of Nebraska at Kearney. His work has been shown at the United Nations Headquarters in Vienna, the National Atomic Testing Museum in Las Vegas, the National Museum of Nuclear Science and History in Albuquerque, the Los Alamos Historical Society Museum and the Read More

Victoria Goro-Rapoport: Kindred 2019

Faculty Artist Statement My early professional life was connected with theater. As a set designer, for each new production I had to create and manipulate a unique relationship between the three-walled space of the stage and a human figure. With clever painting and lighting, the stage becomes a magic box. It is capable of transforming Read More

Dan May: Kindred 2019

Faculty Artist Statement Though the content of these pieces may appear somewhat lighthearted in direction, as is my customary approach, the underlying intent is a bit darker. Underneath the baroque embellishments, and comic approach, the work reeks like a rotting corpse filled with cankerous revolt. It’s gleeful garnish on road kill, a machete beneath a Read More

Richard Schuessler: Kindred 2019

Faculty Artist Statement The numbers and letters series is ongoing visual and typographic exploration of different mix media: traditional and electronic printing. The message of numbers and letters are more than tabulating figures or creating the written word. My numbers and letters studies are visual punctuation of different events or spoken words of the ongoing Read More

Molly anderson audio test

1957, Houston, Texas Molly Anderson Butterfly Kaleidoscope 2000 Gift of Steve Anderson Accession No: 2002.06 34 × 38″ (click image for full view) Download the free MONA App to hear about other artworks   Molly Anderson Butterfly Kaleidoscope 2000 Gift of Steve Anderson Accession No: 2002.06 34 × 38″ (click image for full view) Molly Read More

Michael Flecky: MONA collection artwork

1914, Beatrice, Nebraska – 1955, San Francisco, California Michael Flecky Kearney Drive-In (Projection Booth), Kearney, Nebraska, 2000 silver gelatin photograph 2000 5 × 17″ Gift of The Artist Accession No: 2013.05 (click image for full view) Michael Flecky Sunset Drive-In (Screen), Bridgeport, Nebraska, 1999 silver gelatin photograph 1999 6 × 18″ Museum Purchase made possible Read More