Author: Sam Hayes

John Fronczak: Kindred 2019

Faculty Artist Statement I have alternated between realism and abstraction in my painting practice for many years. For me both approaches are grounded in pattern and motivated by the density of vision. John Fronczak Dragon and Victory in the Art Department Oil and Color Pencil on Rag Board 2019 (click image for full view)

Katrina Mae McCarter: Kindred 2019

Faculty Artist Statement The inspiration for my work develops from life experiences, observations, and research. By reimagining the figure and transforming objects and previous styles, the work takes on a sense of longing and nostalgia. The imagery used in the work relates to the domestic, past styles, and nature, creating a connection to a former Read More

Christy Kosmicki: Kindred 2019

Faculty Artist Statement As a verb, to muse is to think deeply, ponder, or reflect for a considerable period. As a noun, it evokes the image of a female form as a symbol of artistic inspiration or a guiding spirit. Sometimes, my images of the muse are obvious, realistic figures embedded in a surrealistic close-up Read More

Javier Fox: Kindred 2019

Faculty Artist Statement I grew up in Colombia, South America surrounded by an abundance of nature. The diverse habitat of my childhood provided the foundation for my appreciation of the offerings of the earth. I bring nature into my work through lines, texture, shape and color. Through my hands I rediscover the wonders of the Read More

Derrick Burbul: Kindred 2019

Faculty Artist Statement What does this Nebraska landscape mean? What does it have to share with us? To aid my understanding of this place I have been read journals and accounts of travel along the trails that crossed this territory from explorers and pioneers, learning about the culture and characteristics of this land. What has Read More

Mallory Wetherell: Kindred 2019

Faculty Artist Statement Throughout history, women have served as artistic muses, their bodies put on display for purposes of both glorification and sexualization. From the fertility statuette Venus of Willendorf dating back to 28,000 B.C., to Botticelli’s The Birth of Venus (1485 A.D.) to Irving Penn’s Nude No. 1 (1947 A. D.) to the covers Read More

Mark Hartman: Kindred 2019

Faculty Artist Statement My creative process is one of striving and searching. In part, it’s a challenge like climbing a mountain but not, necessarily, to reach the summit. I’m not even certain of what an artistic “summit” would look like. Perhaps it’s to complete something that is complete; to create a work that’s alluring without Read More

Matt Ziemke: Kindred 2019

Faculty Artist Statement These panels are simple explorations of material interaction. Intuitive works such as these are crucial supplements to my broader creative research. Be it 2 or 3 dimensional, my work is metaphorical. It echoes a duality that I acknowledge in myself and observe in the world around me. Abstracted visual fragments of my Read More